Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sesame Powder / Ellu Podi


200 Grams Sesame Seeds
Dry Red Chilies 40 numbers
40 Grams Tamarind
Garlic Cloves 10 – 11 numbers
Curry Leaves 2 sprigs
Salt to taste


 1. Heat a wok and Roast Sesame seeds and dry red chilies separately (keep constantly stirring), keep it aside.

2. Assemble rest of the ingredients (Garlic Cloves, tamarind, curry leaves and salt) with red chilies and sesame seeds in a mixer jar and grind it without adding water.

3. Ellu podi is ready to serve with lemon rice.

Note: Process to grind: first grind red chilies, second sesame seeds, thirdly tamarind, garlic, curry leaves and salt (put all together)

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  1. Healthy and delicious podi :)
    glad to follow u ...
    visit mine when u find time.

  2. Thank u very much and will definitely visit your site....


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