Monday, 22 October 2012

Royal Dessert - Shahi Tukada

For toasted and fried Bread
Bread Slices(Remove the brown sides and cut 1 bread into 4 pieces)
Ghee (for Deep Fry)

For Rabri

½ liter full fresh cream milk
3-4 green cardamoms

For Sugar Syrup
½ cup Sugar
½ cup Water

For Garnishing
15-16 almonds (blanched and shredded)
2 tbsp pista (blanched and shredded)
Chandi ka vark (optional)


For Rabri

1. Boil milk in a wide and heavy bottomed pan.

2. Now add green cardamoms and simmer over low heat for at least half should evaporate, when done, the color changes to an off white color.

3. Remove from the flame and bring down to the room temperature and refrigerate it.

For Sugar Syrup

4. Take a wok, put sugar and water, bring to boil till you get one thread consistency. Remove from the heat and keep it aside.  (You can remove the impurities by adding 1 tsp milk)

For toasted and fried bread

5. Take a pan, roast the bread slices and deep fry it, till golden brown color.

How to assemble
6. Dip the fried bread slides one by one into the sugar syrup and arrange it in a plate.

7. Now finally pour the rabri and garnish with shredded almonds, pista and chandi ka vark.

Note: You can directly deep fry the bread slices but if you roast it first it will absorb less amount of oil.

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