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Sweet and Sour Refreshing Mango Juice / Welcome Drink Aam Panna / Aam Panna Concentrated Syrup


2 raw Mangoes (Big) (Peel and cut the mangoes)
1 ½ Cups Sugar (Quantity may differs, it’s depends upon the sourness of the mangoes)
1 tsp Roasted Cumin Powder
½ tsp Black Salt Powder
1 ½ Cups Water


1.  Take a pressure pan, add 1 ½ cups of water and mango pieces and cover it with lid and pressure cook it till 1 whistle and turn off the gas.  

2.  Now after 10 – 15 minutes open the pressure pan (after releasing air) add 1 ½ Cups of Sugar and Mash it with potato masher or hand blender make a fine puree.

3.  Finally add roasted cumin powder and black salt powder, mix it well. This is your Aam Panna syrup.

4.  Bring it to the room temperature and refrigerate it.

---------- How to make a drink: -----------

Take a ¼ glass of mango syrup and add cold water.  Stir and mix well.

Instead to sugar you can add gur or jaggary also.
The amount of sugar may vary, it’s purely depends upon the sourness of the mango.
If you want you can give the mint flavor also.  Crush the mint leaves and put it in glass and the add mango syrup, cold water and stir, server it with straw.

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