Saturday, 13 April 2013

Kollu Chutney / Kulith dal Chutney / Horse Gram Chutney


150 Grams Kulith dal / Horse Gram / Kollu
Dry Red Chilies 14 numbers (As per your preference)
Garlic Cloves 6 numbers
Curry Leaves 2 sprigs
Salt to taste



1. Heat a wok, Roast Kulith dal / Horse Gram and dry red chilies separately (keep constantly stirring), keep it aside.

2. Firstly grind the roasted ingredients, then add garlic, curry leaves and salt in a grinder and grind it without adding water.

3. Kulith Dal / Horse Gram podi is ready to serve with hot idli and dosa.

Note: Process to grind: first take red chilies, Kulith Dal / Horse Gram in a mixi jar and make a fine powder, lastly add garlic, curry leaves, salt and grind it to a fine powder (put all together)
Kollu is considered a food with medicinal qualities
It gives you benefit for weight loss

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